With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can quickly and easily build applications and workflows that seamlessly integrate SAP data and actions with the wider activities and processes of the enterprise and replace email- and Excel-based workarounds for costly SAP customizations.

SAP’s ability to standardize a range of shared business functions has made it a key component of many enterprises’ back-office operations. However, its cost and packaged nature make SAP expensive to implement, integrate, and customize – undermining the ability to meet fast-paced business specific demands. Today’s digital processes require SAP to be enhanced with new, faster moving, more customizable digital workflows that integrate people, systems, and devices from end-to-end.

The sophisticated process management and integration capabilities of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite make it easy to automate manual workflows and build end-to-end digital solutions that connect SAP with a broad range of people, systems, and devices – including SaaS services like Office 365, on-premise systems like Oracle, and smart sensors for retail or manufacturing. This seamless integration enables you to reduce re-keying, eliminate erroneous manual tasks, and ensure consistency of data across the board.

Unlock business efficiency with customized, end-to-end solutions including SAP

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides you with a development environment and integration connectors to quickly build applications and continually deliver new digital solutions that integrate SAP while avoiding the significant costs and delays of customization.

Create apps to replace email and Excel-based workarounds for SAP

Citrix Workspace supports common apps such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Office365, or G-Suite. But enterprise level companies run their business on hundreds of (often custom) applications, not all of them supported in Workspace. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite integrates these unsupported applications into Workspace and its pre-integrated apps. Now you can have your complete company’s eco-system connected to Citrix Workspace – based on a cost-effective low-code platform.

Automate manual ‘pre-SAP’ approval and validation processes

In parallel new Blockchain-powered trust infrastructures are emerging to support transparent, cross-organizational value networks – stripping out complexity and enabling accelerated, distributed innovation across the whole global economy. And behind everything we have the continued rise of AI – advanced technology that will help us to automate billions of low value business decisions and find the important patterns lying beneath the surface of the connected business environment.

​Integrate SAP into the wider enterprise with pre-built connectors

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides advanced process management capabilities and an extensive library of integration connectors to easily automate manual workflows and quickly create digital processes that integrate SAP with cloud, social, and on-premise resources.

Build applications with SAP integration in a fast and agile way

Our cloud-native, low-code platform enables you to build, deploy, and run complex, mobile applications at a much faster pace by combining effective drag-and-drop editors, end-to-end lifecycle management, and easy-to-configure SAP connectors.

Take SAP data beyond the four walls of your enterprise

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, applications are automatically available on all devices, allowing you to take SAP beyond your company’s four walls and empower your employees in Sales, Finance & Admin, Field Force, and other departments by putting SAP data and actions in the palm of their hands.

“We were looking for a cloud solution that could easily leverage Google Apps. RunMyProcess was the obvious choice.”

– Luigi Cichella
IT Project Manager