RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes it easy to quickly build cross-platform mobile apps that automatically adapt to different devices and seamlessly integrate into the broader back-end processes and systems of the enterprise.

Mobility offers a huge potential to promote the happiness and productivity of an increasingly distributed workforce. However, achieving mobility in an enterprise context requires very different tools from the consumer app world – notably, the delivery of apps that fully connect to enterprise data and processes.

Discover app building capabilities that really matter – for the world of enterprise mobility.

Delivering digital experiences for the enterprise requires more than focusing on operating systems, devices, and graphical user interfaces. It also demands attention to mobilizing the existing processes and analyzing infrastructure data, allowing users the ability to access information and processes from anywhere.

Lead your company’s way to the future by developing a mobility agenda

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite supports you with app building capabilities tailored specifically for the world of mobile enterprise connectivity:

Rapid prototyping framework for capturing, publishing, and testing speeds up understanding of field requirements

Low-code development is the method of choice for scalable rapid prototyping. With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, mobile interfaces can be designed with graphical editing, and workflows can be captured with drag-and-drop design tooling, for extremely agile prototyping.

Out-of-the-box integration connectors for a broad range of systems

Modern businesses today are often already using web-based services such as Salesforce, Office365, or Google Apps. Linking these to on-premise systems (e.g. SAP) and connecting them into fully-mobile workflows is the logical next step – and RunMyProcess DigitalSuite gets you there.

Out-of-the-box integration connectors for a broad range of systems

In today’s world, we expect apps to be accessible via app stores. The RunMyApp mobile app provides this experience in the form of an enterprise store, for easy notification and actionable prompts.

Configurable access policies

Enterprise mobility apps are intended for a large variety of different users, many of them having very different levels of authorization. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides the necessary flexibility in modeling the policies needed for managing the required access rights.

API and NoSQL capabilities for complex integration tasks

Not all app design projects consist only of graphical interface building and process modeling. Where other systems on the market rely on the above paradigms, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite also provides capabilities for complex API (CAPI) design and management for integrating external systems, and NoSQL data base capability for modeling and handling of non-standard data sets.

Connect your company—no matter where you are or what you do.

You can access cloud-based workflows created in RunMyProcess DigitalSuite on any mobile device, from anywhere in the world. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite also empowers your colleagues to set up and test whatever workflows they need for their department— from Sales and Marketing to HR, Finance, and more.

“The ability to quickly automate processes spanning mobile, cloud, and on-premise resources is unrivaled.”

– Franck Lerivrain
Director of IT Services