In the future, entire business models will emerge and vanish within minutes...
… as people and machines combine to imagine and instantiate ideas across the global digital network.
  • "We believe this new connected ecosystem offers unprecedented opportunities to externalize resources and create networked business models that exhibit fast, exponential growth."


    Claudida Mirza


  • "In the digital era resources are effectively infinite, distributed across the world and available at the click of a button."


    Richard Manga

    RMP Europe COO

  • "We are creating the technologies, methods and intelligent automation needed to power next generation digital business ecosystems"


    Jesse Glaesman

    Director of Infrastructure Systems & Security Technology

Our goal is to create the technologies and practices that will make it happen
Digital Connectivity is Spreading
Today the ever-increasing scope of the Internet makes it easy to find and connect with a huge variety of human, business and technological resources at low cost… and this variety is growing exponentially as the Internet of Things brings billions of industrial and consumer objects online. Equally importantly the pervasive influence of software is making these resources open and easy to integrate, enabling us to gain real time insight into the state of the world – and even completely transform the way it works through simple code updates.
New Technologies, New Possibilities
In parallel new Blockchain-powered trust infrastructures are emerging to support transparent, cross-organizational value networks – stripping out complexity and enabling accelerated, distributed innovation across the whole global economy. And behind everything we have the continued rise of AI – advanced technology that will help us to automate billions of low value business decisions and find the important patterns lying beneath the surface of the connected business environment.
Connecting to Transform
But to profit from these opportunities we need to change the way we think about value creation, replacing the traditional enterprise approach of acquiring, owning and managing assets with a new model based on co-creation, business integration and the reuse of value provided by others.By making this shift we can unlock powerful new business models that weave distributed communities of customers, employees and suppliers into shared value networks – removing the constraints of ownership and creating unlimited growth potential.
Building Value with Ecosystems
Our goal is to empower enterprise transformation by making it easy for anyone to connect distributed resources within new networked value chains, enabling the creation of intelligent digital businesses which are significantly stronger and more scalable than any one organization could ever achieve alone. The new connected organizations that result from this transformation will offer compelling user experiences fulfilled by a rich ecosystem of on-demand assets – creating a new era of fast, low cost and scalable business models.
But that is still just the beginning
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