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Application Promotion Workflow

Application Promotion Workflow

RunMyProcess helps companies to build an application approval workflow with different levels of complexity (easy, medium, high).

With RunMyProcess Digital Suite Studio, developers have a powerful low-code environment where they can configure users interfaces and workflows that can handle their mission critical business activities.

Application Promotion Workflow

Innovative ideas

RunMyProcess provides detailed metrics for platform utilization (number of business transactions, integration transactions). It is possible to get these metrics by application, which makes it simple for our clients to follow their consumption.

Application Promotion Workflow

Developer Toolchain

RunMyProcess supports all use cases. Developers have a tool box that allows them to build simple applications with drag and drop components. Developers can also implement complex, mission critical applications by customizing the different tools that are natively available.

For example, it is possible to write your cascading style sheet (CSS) or to develop a javascript file to implement additional business logic.

RunMyProcess allows you to build any kind of applications B2B, B2C, Anonymous Access.

Application Promotion Workflow

Backup and Restore

RunMyProcess uses multiple databases to store different kinds of data. Each of these data stores is configured in different ways to ensure continuity of service:

- MySQL – Master-slave over 2 availability zones, Daily complete Snapshots, PITR to the minute for up to 7 days.

- MongoDB – Replicated over 3 Amazon servers on 3 different availability zones, 1 daily snapshot, 7 days history.

- AWS S3 – 99,999999% data durability guaranteed by AWS

Application Promotion Workflow

Application Operations

RunMyProcess provides 3 environments for every application: TEST, UAT, PRODUCTION.

Only authorized users can migrate the applications from one environment to another one.

This separation of environments allows developers to manage efficiently new applications release without any interruption of the service. The different deployments are performed manually by the developers.

Application Promotion Workflow

DevOps Automation

RunMyProcess have internal codes and scripts for automating every development and operation process including QA tests, backend server deployment, AWS services configuration, platform service monitoring and platform outage recovery

These automation tools help minimizing service interruption and providing frequent enhancements and improvements to RunMyProcess customers in the multiple platforms distributed to multiple regions.